Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Suite, E-Medical Suite, ERP, Human Resource and all our other applications are developed based on International Standards. All our applications are Multi-Organization enabled. FORTITECH® gives you sets of customization standards readily available in our Applications.


Oracle Consultancy

Planning to implement Oracle Products or Upgrade from lower out-dated, discontinued version to latest Oracle Supported Version? The flexibility of any Oracle’s product functionality can create unique challenges that need to be carefully managed during installation, implementation, system design, customization and integration. FORTITECH® Team helps you using our unique and technology product-specific path, product expertise professionals towards successfull plan, design, implement, migrate and migrate, upgrade Oracle products.


Device Integrations

Our ready and On-Demand based API's helps you to integrate FORTITECH® Applications Data to other systems i.e. Finance, Employee Attendance etc. FORTITECH® integrated EMR and complete Hospital Management System, combines powerful Healthcare, administrative, financial, enterprise and business intelligence with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill and report the way that works best with our API's & Data Integrations with Machines etc.


Professional Support

Simple, professional support with flexible options, FORTITECH Support helps drive your business success across your FORTITECH Applications and Oracle Products. Tailored to your requirements with Premium Support; On-Site or Off-Site Support. We customize our system so that it suits your processes and delivers your critical data in the way it makes sense for your business. Please check more detailed support plans currently available, so you can now enjoy the benefits of comprehensive support coverage.


Our Applications, Solutions specializes in delivering enterprise class value based care with excellence and calibre

Browse our solutions below and explore in depth to learn how we can make help you to streamline your I.T. operations in Entperise, Healthcare, Clinical, Mobile, Operational, Financial areas and more.

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FORTITECH® Highlights

FORTITECH® helps businesses innovate, adapt and compete in a constantly changing technology challenges. We are the strongest technology partner whom you trust because we can understand your business, your market and your core requirements, but we also understand the emerging technologies that are defining the digital world.

Enterprise Applications

FORTITECH® offers agile, industry-proven software and helps organizations simplify and streamline each phase, level and every single process. Our e-Medical Suite, Enterprise suite, FORTITECH® Applications, can be perfect solution for Industries like Government, Public & Private Sector, Manufacturing and more.

Mobile Applications

FORTITECH® helps you in conceptualizing, modeling, implementing polished and advanced designs, our highly experienced developers, designers live up to your requisites and strive hard to serve the best result beyond your expectations.

Premium Support

FORTITECH® tailors your requirements with Premium Support and other Support levels like On-Site or Off-Site Support. We deliver best services for your critical applications, data in the way it makes sense for your business from setting up infrstructure to implementation of FORTITECH® Applications & Oracle Products.

Oracle 12c Ready

All our enterprise applications are now updated, upgraded with latest with Oracle 12c which includes Oracle Database 12c and support for Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c products.


FORTITECH® team of professional development engineers work closely with clients in order to customize, develop our FORTITECH® Application, integrate with special IT solutions and with other products which is tailored to fit perfectly.

International Standards

FORTITECH® is committed to understand the up-to-date development of the IT industry; Therefore we comply to available international standards and apply these standards in our applications development.

Technology Partners

FORTITECH® provides set of Enterprise Applications, Solutions and Partnered with Oracle and we recommend other technology leaders HP, Medavis, Microsoft, Apple, Mirth and Android for Operating System, Infrastructure Setup, Medical Imaging, Data Services, Web, Mobile Application & Devices Integrations.

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